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What is the best way to store beef jerky?

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Let’s face it, there are 2 types of people in this world – People who love beef jerky and those with little sense of taste. Who doesn’t love this smoked, dried meat? Although we often hear that most beef jerky is completely eaten within hours of receiving it, in this blog we will explain the best way to store this snack.

How long does beef jerky keep

Dried meat, also known as beef jerky, keeps for months outside the refrigerator. This is because all the moisture evaporates from the meat during production, making it difficult for bacteria and mold to grow. Smoking beef jerky also makes it keep even longer (and a lot tastier!). Unlike us, there are unfortunately many brands that skip this step to save money. These usually use preservatives to make their beef jerky last longer. The downside is that it comes at the expense of taste and quality. We, at Dutch Jerky, can proudly say that we do not add preservatives and E numbers to our jerky!

What is the best way to store beef jerky?

There are several factors involved in the shelf life and optimal flavor retention of beef jerky. For one thing, beef jerky does not tolerate moisture well. Moisture gives bacteria and mold a chance to grow. So make sure your opened bag of beef jerky does not come in contact with moisture!

Furthermore, air causes the beef jerky to dry out too far and slowly begin to lose its flavor. So make sure that if you seal a bag of beef jerky tightly to preserve the flavor as much as possible.

Want to store beef jerky for a longer period of time? Then put your beef jerky in the freezer! Freezing beef jerky allows you to store it many months beyond its expiration date. After thawing, it is ready to be eaten right away. The beef jerky from dutch jerky is fine to freeze because it is NOT stored frozen by us.

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Can you eat beef jerky after the expiration date?

Often beef jerky, if stored properly, will keep many times longer than its stated expiration date. Look and smell carefully before eating beef jerky past its expiration date. Does everything look good and has no strange smell?

Inspect carefully if mold is present in the beef jerky. Moldy beef jerky is not healthy to eat. But how do you determine if there is mold on it? In fact, there are several symptoms that look like mold but certainly are not. To prevent perfectly edible beef jerky from being thrown away, we have made some examples and photos of it.

Salt rash

The marinade of beef jerky contains, among other things, salt. It sometimes happens that the marinade is not spread just as well over the meat, so some slices have a little more marinade than others. Then, as these slices dry, the salt from the marinade may crystallize and produce white specks that look very much like mold. However, this is just edible and these slices will taste just as good as the other slices. See here an example of white speckles on beef jerky caused by salt.

Beef jerky with salt rashers

Fat rash

Another phenomenon that can occur with beef jerky is a greasy rash. Every piece of meat is different. Some cuts of meat have more fat than others. However, when fatty cuts of meat are dried, some fat may be “pushed out” due to the shrinking of this meat. This produces a kind of creamy white patches of grease that look very much like mold. Fortunately, you can just eat these fatty spots and it won’t affect the taste! See here the example of fatty rashes on beef jerky.

Beef jerky with fat rashers


Unfortunately, beef jerky can become moldy due to various factors. Often moisture is the culprit here. Here is an example of what mold can look like on a slice of beef jerky:

Beef jerky with mold

When in doubt? Please consult team Dutch Jerky!

After reading this blog, do you still have questions about storing beef jerky? Or are you worried that you have mold on your beef jerky, but not sure?
Then contact us
or send us a photo! We are happy to be at your service!

Frequently asked questions about the shelf life of beef jerky

How long does beef jerky keep?

Beef jerky keeps for months outside the refrigerator. Smoking beef jerky makes it keep even longer (and a lot tastier!).

What is the best way to store beef jerky?

It is best to store beef jerky airtight and keep it away from moisture. You can freeze beef jerky to extend the shelf life even further.

Can you freeze dried meat, beef jerky?

Yes definitely! Freezing beef jerky ensures that it keeps many times longer than indicated to package. After thawing, it is ready to be eaten immediately.

Should beef jerky be kept in the refrigerator?

No, beef jerky does not need to be stored in the refrigerator, preferably not even!

Can I eat beef jerky after its shelf life?

Most beef jerky is fine to eat after its expiration date. Do look and smell well beforehand. Do you see mold? Then don’t eat the beef jerky.

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