Our story

Years ago, during a trip to San Antonio, Texas, it all started. This is where we were introduced to Beef Jerky(from Dziuks meatmarket, Castroville Texas, if you are ever in the area this is a must!). Instantly we fell in love with this artisanal American product. After returning to the Netherlands, a long search for quality Beef Jerky followed and we came to the conclusion that there was no real “Beef Jerky” to be had here. We encountered everything; too thick, too wet, made from minced meat, full of preservatives, not smoked and always a few small pieces for a lot of money. It should be different!

Since we really couldn’t live without Beef Jerky anymore, we started making it ourselves. Lots of trial and error later, we finally had the right recipe! At first we made this just for ourselves but soon our friends and then friends of friends were also asking for this Jerky. It grew steadily and finally, when our kitchen began to resemble a Beef Jerky factory it was time for a big move. The idea of Dutch Jerky was created: real, affordable American fresh Beef Jerky in a Dutch jacket.

Love for meat, craft and really nice honest products brought us and Jasper Poldervaart together, the award-winning natural meat specialist from Waterland. Together with Jasper, we perfected our recipe and applied it to his grass-fed beef.  The result is real Beef Jerky as it should be. At Dutch Jerky, each piece is hand cut and marinated in the finest ingredients and then slow smoked to create the most delicious Beef Jerky.

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Dutch Jerky is a brand of Kelly & Tess BV.

Chamber of Commerce: 17149290. 

VAT: NL811587538B02

Address: Meipoortstraat 68, 6981DL Doesburg 

Email: info@dutchjerky.com

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